Is this the so called ‘state of flux?’……

I just don’t know what to do now! I have to have a change of job, plan and place in a couple of months. And I am clearly uncertain……

I have been thinking about finding something in kuwait only, after this project of mine is completed. Some positive moves were done which was suggested and enthusiastically supported.

However there have been a different scenario and I am not sure about the support and in which case my own desire to stay on.

Then there are these couple of projects back home which are dear to heart. These should anyway take off irrespective of my location.

Then this approach from a prospective employer, where I could relocate to a place other than India or Kuwait. I have not yet followed up.

Perhaps something is still possible in kuwait itself, which Sunu would prefer. This is provided I make a move now. But looks like I am looking for something……

Anyway, decision time and any advice, signal or guidance is highly appreciated……

Is this the so called ‘state of flux?’……

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