Diaries, Memories & Dreams……

Yesterday, went to watch the movie ‘Angamali Diaries’ running the second week in Kuwait. It has a viewer rating of 4.5/5!! And it was reflected in the crowd who came to watch the movie.

Interestingly I saw only one familiar face in the movie, that too like a guest appearance. And the movie boasts of introducing 86 new faces. The hero among them ‘pepe’ could be a serious challenger to Nivin Pauly and more or less a look alike and trimmer.

I was taken to my college days and we were ‘groups’ to these ‘teams’. The major difference of course was that the group leaders (including me) never performed stunts personally and got the group members to do that. But pepe performed most of the fights.

Diaries and Memories are thus self explained. But why there’s Dreams in the title?

The reason is……there’s dreams then and now. Then it was easy.. if dreams are shattered, just moved on to another and ‘no issues’.

But can you do that when you are in the dream world where a goddess has the role? That too when the goddess was selected after knowing everything, the speciality, limitations and circumstances. That’s why she’s Aphrodite and not Venus.

You can only be one of the godess’s favorites. You can’t own a goddess! You can only pray for attention! And you’re lucky when goddess smiles on you.

But you certainly don’t want to be completely cut off…… and you hang on. 

And there’s the all powerful stone taken from Aphrodite’s own rock.

But while thanking Universe with stone on heart, you can’t say ‘I want’. But you can plead ‘come back’……

Thus blending Diaries, Memories and Dreams……

Diaries, Memories & Dreams……

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