Being Useful…… And Helping Each Other……

We are all useful in many different ways. Just have the willingness to be of help.

I was reminded of this when family friends visited home yesterday and called me in the evening saying that the mother and daughter came thinking that I would be at home. I was in office on the weekend holiday.

Apparently, some four years back, I did give the correct advice to the daughter which helped her in selecting the right university in USA.

And now it’s time for post graduation and she wants to discuss the choice among the seven universities that she managed to get offers from.

So there’s always something good that people can do to each other.

While being a mentor, I also benefit from support and guidance. I found them in my coach whose guidance helped me in getting into the lowest weight in a very very long time. She has moved on and I miss this guidance, especially when I am struggling with a related item.

Against this, I have something which I think will be of assistance to someone very close. Unfortunately the usual access here is not available anymore and i am left with no option to pass on some helpful tips that I have worked out.

These may be dismissed as minor things, but definitely can make a difference.

It works well when we are all available for each other……

Being Useful…… And Helping Each Other……

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