The Art of Withdrawal……

We all get attracted and used to many things, and a few of which could occupy a lot of our attention and time.

We now live in a very complex and unpredictable world and need to be on the toe, ready to adjust ourselves to the vagaries and challenges in our day to day life.

Admittedly, the most beautiful and thus the most difficult to change or get rid of is personal relationships. And when it turns into love, well I don’t have to say anything more.

Then everyone of us are not so lucky here. We are forced to change. And the general tendency is to pretend that we don’t know..

However, don’t ignore ominous signs. When these signs are all around you, you have to admit and take steps.

Simply put it, that’s the time we have to stage a ‘withdrawal’

I am just reminded of some types of withdrawals. The most striking one is from the punchline of the famous Malayalam movie ‘Pulimurugan’.  That’s ‘the tiger crouching is not to withdraw, but to pounce’.
That’s a very brave and brief withdrawal. We’ll dream to be able to do that.

But then when the signs are clear, when you’re shut out from all connections and all sorts of pleadings are ignored, just get up and take notice and accept.

Better avoid the worst type of withdrawal before the clearest of signs are given. For example a casual unexpected encounter and a weak greeting is not only ignored but you think you saw anger on top of indifference.

Oh no, I didn’t tell you the description of the worst kind of withdrawal. It’s something like ‘turn back and run….licking your wounds……

Just go away!!!???

The Art of Withdrawal……

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