Vitamin B17……

There were vitamins A B C D etc that were familiar. Perhaps I have failed to notice or forgotten that research and resultant confusion could create sub sections in every alphabet.
The reason for this comment is the chance exposure to a Canadian research claiming Vitamin B17 could be beneficial!!!

B17, wow; ignorance exposed. At least now I understand why vitamin B is complex!!!

Naturally, I turned to Miss Google and she’s ready with enough information to get thoroughly confused.

The most interesting is the question ‘Vitamin B17, poison or cure?’. Some hard choice indeed!!!

Vitamin B17 is Amygdalin which is cynogenic glycosides. Ok that’s fine. Amygdala I think you remember my post on it, is the almond shaped two parts of brain which is our early warning system and which makes the right brain different from left.

So Amygdalin is warning and for a suspecious alert cynogenic has cyanide in it. Hey that’s the poison that spies and terrorists hide between teeth to bite when caught and espape interrogation? The most striking poison till someone killed a Korean in Malaysia with a dot of something else.

But then why B17 which has cyanide is even thought about as a cure? Cure for ever!!!!

The substance can cure or stop cancer. And the naturally acquired substance is good. 

But why US Drug controllers have banned B17? Well ask the drug companies especially those producing cancer cure drugs!!!

Well then, where do you find B17? One good source is in seeds of apricot, Apple and almond. Surprise surprise all these are connected. I am not talking about the three starting with letter A. Have you tasted the seeds? And if you’re a lover of marcipan like me, you’ll realize that they taste like marcipan. 

On marcipan I am yet to taste the yumminess of the marcipan icing on the Xmas fruit cake from Best Bakery and Rosarios in Kottayam during my childhood days.

And if natural B17 is good to cure or prevent cancer, I don’t want to do the difficult task of taking out seeds when I eat apple. And why not break the hard outer cover of the apricot seeds to taste marcipan inside and get the benefits!!!

Eating an Apple is made simple……

Vitamin B17……

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