London is Special……

London has a special place in my fond memories. I have the fortune of living and working there with office within the proverbial ‘square mile’, a fortune very few can cherish.

It’s in London that both our daughters grew up… grown up in all respects… independence, maturity and excellence.

Both acquired permanent residency on their on accord and not as dependents. The First daughter of course migrated to US, but still loves London.

Though colonial masters at one time, UK perhaps is the closest ally for India. I remember my father in Law, who was a member of the ICS tribe and a senior government functionary telling that it was Briton who stood with India during the 1962 Chinese aggression and perhaps the statement by the British Prime Minister in the British parliament ‘India will have British troops fighting in Assam’ that scared off the advancing Chinese.

Just think about it.. that place was the target..

Naturally, when London is crying, I feel the pain. I am with them.

We all talk about our cars and look for premium possessions. But to think about your vehicle as the weapon of destruction is something we don’t want to do.

Unfortunately it has come to that sorry state.

The least we can do is to share in the agony of London and wish the world the best……

London is Special……

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