Birthdays ……

Wishing the dearest, close and near ones happy Birthday is a priority but not an easy thing to do. It’s because birthday comes every year and you can’t remember all the dates that you should remember.

There are of course some birthdays that you can’t afford to forget. But sometimes it happens. And I am proud to say that I have been lucky so far in not forgetting. As such I don’t know what the consequences would be.

But I must admit that I have not been very lucky with Birthday presents. Not that I forget, but it’s my skills in buying an acceptable present. And cash is the only avenue.

Facebook in particular is a great tool in remembering and communicating Birthday wishes. It’s very effective as you can wish your friends without fail.

And today is a special day. In addition to my daughter’s birthday which I wished her on FaceTime at midnight in the country where she is and on social media as a custom, there are two other special birthdays.

Even without a Facebook reminder I do remember these birthdays. Not just because it’s my daughter’s birthday also, but as a true reflection of the love and affection.

These are special birthdays……

But wishing birthdays using the Facebook reminder is a routine and happy occasion. And I also like to see my Birthday wished by very many of my friends on Facebook.

That means, if I find out that any Birthday which I used to wish on Facebook, become absent in Facebook reminder, I should feel sad.

But I have just made an agreement with a friend not to feel sad in such cases. And if my BIG ego is hurt, then it’s perfectly okay to be very very angry ……

Birthdays ……

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