And suddenly it appeared. The missing ingredient for the book.

I have been boasting about a plan to write a book, saying it’s in my bucket list. Frankly i was not convinced at my ability to do the seemingly impossible task.

I started using this forum to see if i can weave out something. This created dreams… actually I am a dreamer, albeit a secret one at that.

That created stories, imaginations, childhood, mythology and pure madness.

I know, some of you must have got damn irritated, some stopped reading me, some sympathetic and in general branded cracy.

In spite of taking all these risks, I was not sure if I had the necessary stuff to attempt the impossible.

Then suddenly it happened. I never knew that it could happen, because that’s the last thing I would do and as such it was not in my arsenal.

This one in the book can kill the monotony of the imagination of a straight forward, empathetic person. The book can become readable and can make people rather sad.

Curious to know what that rare ingredient is???


Something new to me… and I thought it never existed among good people. Perhaps the introduction of it in the book could make it different. 

The book, if it ever happens, will have my childhood, my dreams, my hallucinations, my travels and travails.

How will I now introduce the killer of killers- betrayal?

It has to be pure fiction. As I will not have anything written which will be upsetting to my friends. 

That’s, while I want to incorporate the evil thing into the story, I will sacrifice any punches and gains in the story by betraying my friends and everyone who touched my life.

If I write on any private secret which readers can interpret, it’s like telling others the secrets. That’s betrayal.

There are certain things we can’t tell certain people. If you do it’s BETRAYAL at its worst.

I will not do that……

Of course, there’s no guarantee that the book will be there.

And suddenly it appeared. The missing ingredient for the book.

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