Not Just Another Day……

What a day yesterday!!! A weekend holiday but had to go to the office as we were to have the Go/ NoGo meeting for the project I am doing.

While in the meeting which was later in the evening I had a few minor sign offs were to be completed. The person who was to do that was talking about having not seen any details.

I was prepared. I could shut him off instantly and thrusted some written evidence substantiating my arguments.

The heckling killed!! and we were about to move ahead when two desi actors showed their colors and tried to bring up the subject, which is details for you here and I don’t want to do that. But the point is, they had plotted. I am mentioning this just to say that I had a tough day and also that in a more professional setup, many would have been accountable.

Also the obstinate bastard that I am, I will be looking for cracks in their dubious dealings.

And yes, I am in a different mood. It’s anger, arrogance, obstinacy, revenge… all these bad components are coming into play.

This is immediately after identifying ‘Betrayal’ as the worst form of human actions and such a bad thing is possible only in fictions. Especially the kind of betrayal where you tell personal secrets to someone who should not know that.

Concepts like enemies enemy is a friend, you can’t be friends with two people connected when you have a secret with one of them. The second one is complicated. And it took some portion of my angry introspection.

Thus the day had enough of complications and here I am in office plotting revenge.

This is really bad I know. But like the famous Trainer once said, I am the most obstinate bastard he has ever seen. This coupled with a huge ego, make me a bad person. I may work on it. Maybe……

Of course, friends of ours invited us for dinner in a nice restaurant with good food.

I can’t confess if I enjoyed the evening. I think I put up a brave face and tried give the impression that everything is okay!!

If i have succeeded, i am a good actor……

Not Just Another Day……

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