Some habits hardly change. Perhaps that’s a good ingredient, making you more genuine and trustworthy and probably the reason why I treat betrayal as the worst form of betrayal……

These are difficult days. For example yesterday was a 14 hour day in the office. It’s not new to me. When we were setting up the card business of Standard Chartered Bank in Bangalore, we used to put in more hours.

There’s a difference though, those days were throughly enjoyable simply because of comradiary and mutual trust and respect we had. That’s absent in the present scenario.

The key difference is that, those days we were building something, but now people are chasing money. And that makes people uncouth.

I may say that I am working now to be active which is partially true. And money is a reason of course.

I am reminded of this with this interesting incident this morning. I was dropping a colleague last night after the 14 hours in the office. That was an additional half hour of travel time. But the habit makes me come again early in the morning.

By the way, my current office doesn’t provide assigned parking to anyone and everyone parks in the public parking building next door.

I reached the approach to the entrance and realized that It’s 6.59 am and I may have to pay an additional 50 fils for this one second, which is about Rs 10 and paise 75.

I stopped before the entrance and waited 2 minutes before entering.

A 10 plus rupees addition to the bank balance..


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