It Has the Bite, Still ……

There’s always something gratifying. I have used this forum in my view and assertion that success in career depends also, in a big way, as to how you are remembered after you leave the place.

I have some very pleasing incidents to narrate. In the project I am working on, it’s very important that we test all scenarios before offering the final solution to the customers.

For this an extensive testing is done on the new system under the ‘User Acceptance Testing’. And in my line of expertise, customers use their cards anywhere, anytime and on many things. This happens while the system change is being effected also.

As such it’s important that we test in real life scenarios and this testing is called ‘Pilot Testing’. Here the project team get cards to be tested on all customer scenarios. However these new pilot cards are to be made active. Locally in kuwait its done manually by banks.

Regular functionaries in the bank were contacting their counterparts but could not get the job done and approached me.

I made the move and responses were instant. That’s my subject today. I still have the teeth. My ex colleagues remember.

Incidentally in one of the big banks, I didn’t go through the person who it would be the first obvious name, but decided to call someone who was with me for about a year in 2002, and now works with this different bank.

I have not had the opportunity to speak to him all through these 15 years, but he was so happy to hear my voice and we had a very pleasing chat around the families. And as soon as the conversation ended, he got up and made the technical area to do the job.

What do I call it? Job satisfaction!!!

It Has the Bite, Still ……

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