Output May be Crude…… But Intentions Sincere……

When I wrote ‘thrifty’ one of my readers gave a smiley but followed by a thumbs down.

That’s not the reason why I pulled into the parking at 6.57, but that’s since I can do it.

Perhaps I created a story to write on thrift that day.

But consider this!!! I have been criticized by one source of being silly with my blogs and I heard that the source stopped reading, rather blocked my access to irritate.

Usually people who are close to you don’t take unilateral actions. And there are a couple or more suspects in badmouthing.

And when one of the suspects announce a very good news for that person, my sincerity got expression and poured in the form of happiness and well wishes.

But I’m a bit taken aback to see ‘no response’!!!


But you can’t be listening to and act according to whims and fancies of everybody. Just that it’s decency to be polite.

Maybe that there’s a lot of work to do. And I should be concentrating on that.

And just wish that the world has not moved much after the India, Philippines, Hong Kong, London and the earlier NBK Kuwait times.

If it has, the best I can do now, is to pray for them.. for they not know what they are doing..

Output May be Crude…… But Intentions Sincere……

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