Nothing to Say……

Here I am, at my usual time for writing something, which is my current state of mind. And I find nothing to write on!!!

Maybe that I am losing my touch. Maybe that none of you who I think are readers of my writings has come forward to indicate that you are at least seeing them.

Or it may be because I am piqued at the ignoring of someone who I wished enthusiastically when I find perhaps the most important thing in the person’s life is happening..

Or it may be that I am wondering why someone take the trouble on a daily basis of analysing my posts and briefing another person who has access to my blog giving interpretations. And that person telling someone who should not normally be told that I have lost my marbles.

Clearly I don’t want to be controversial and certainly not among friends.

Remember…… ‘No Gossip’.

So I don’t know what to write now.

Or it can be that I am super busy on work.

Yes that’s it.

No problem then……

Hakuna Mattatta 

Nothing to Say……

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