Honey Trap……

This term is in limelight in Kerala now and I have deliberately not tried to find out the English meaning from Google.

The reason may be that I can use the Malayalam meaning to a real life situation.

Honey Trap is in limelight in Kerala when a minister of the state government resigned as an intimate conversation was released to social media.

Without waiting for anything he resigned. And then an investigation revealed that he was subject to a sting operation by a shady media where a paper employee deliberately started stalking the minister and started a string of telephone calls.

Now the paper, fearing police actions apologized and the minister is a hero.

Good thing here is that the society tolerates normal human behavior. And that people do have secrets. Also it’s ok if both parties show no animosity even when caught. That’s good news.

But no one tolerates betrayal. For example in the minister’s case, it’s betrayal. And consider a personal situation. We all have personal secrets. And matured people keep it from affecting personal and family life. 

Consider this hypothetical situation. Fondness make two people genuinely like each other. And a difference of opinion develops. Hypothetically possible.

But imagine one of them blames the other and tells the other husband or wife that the other person is trouble. Then is it betrayal or honey Trap, or both???

What could be the repercussions to the affected party!!! And if we want to bring in some twist, suppose the accusation is blamed or dependent of a third person and the person is unknown. Then the affected party will try the best to find out the unknown. 

And the suspecious monitoring sees social media notification flashing on phone screen while on family FaceTime session. It doesn’t matter whether the message is first time in several months or the victim is absent, or avoid or blocked on social media……

Perils of Honey Trap……

Rise above the tide and be brave… you will get justice like the minister 

I hope he will get reinstated 

That’s justice……

Honey Trap……

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