End of March is accounting Year end, for me. April 1 is then a good time to reconcile. Of course it’s April fools day, but that doesn’t matter for me an April born.

I have the best wife. She’s smarter than most people and admittedly me. The only area where I am superior is in managing finances. I am reconciling to the fact that I have to start teaching her as nobody is going to be here forever.

Children always turn out to be smarter. It’s absolutely true in my case. My two daughters are way too smarter and I am absolutely thrilled with that. I am only delighted to see their continued success. But I can still contribute particularly in getting them to enjoy the nature. One specific area where they all want me desperately is fishing…. for example.

And you like some people more than others. And you expect application of equal reaction from opposite. But you need to reconcile to circumstances. As such, though no changes are possible, reconciled to the instructions, access open or blocked and requirements.
There’s a stone connection which is quite successful. This keeps me well in position to practice my mythical dream world. Here it is difficult to close the account. But the stone from Aphrodite can get lovingly embedded and I can carry over the physical routine with the stone……

No matter how you do well, it’s more important to be remembered. Reconciled to continue to be good to people, be empathetic and helpful.

I have weaknesses, like a bad ego and stubbornness. Instead of fighting it, try and adjust to see that others don’t feel the impact.

Modify the age old saying of healthy wealthy and wise to healthy wealthy and happy. Here I am assisted and hope to get back the assistance……

And finally reconcile to the fact that you can’t always try and change yourselves. So trust the instincts, believe in what you believe. This is applicable to belief, attitude, relationship, love.

Reconcile to do everything not to burden others but without any change in your feelings or rejecting instincts.

I am not saying I am ready to be the sacrificial goat; just that I am reconciling not to trouble people who lovingly touch my life……

I can close reconciled accounts…… but I am subject to your audit …… still……


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