The First is a Misstep…… Made an April Fool of Myself……

I selected first day after the account closing, for a reflection and a literal reconciliation.

The end result was a decision not to be on the face of people which could annoy some. At the same time to be yourself instead of trying to adjust to what others like, which would be fake.

So it’s to be that, if I don’t like something, I don’t like it. And if I like someone I like and even if you are rejected, you can be yourself. 

At the same time, in such a disagreeing situation, the decision is not to go after and annoy.

There are conflicting situations. For example, I have this broadcast group where I share some healthy cooking and such stuff. There’s an indirect feedback that it’s getting boring.

But I did post again and many friends came back positively. For others the reasoning is that, anyway we all get a whole lot of junk. And why just not ignore?

Or at an extreme, you can block me. The problem is, blocking is evident and I could feel very sad. The reconciliation effort is to reduce the hurt in such circumstances.

In summary, I am to keep my plans, feelings, dreams, preferences and love intact, but they’ll be kept to myself and let people in my life to be on their own.

I am not to write anything which could be annoying or disrespectful.

But accidents could happen and it happened on the first day of the resolution.

I was trying to change my profile picture on WordPress the blog site, which proved to be a challenge. I then tried to export the picture to WordPress, not knowing that it would get published. I could delete from blog posts but email to friends went.

This picture, which is personal, coming alone can raise eyebrows. I know many of you will ignore but some of you have the right to be really annoyed.

Here’s my unconditional apology. It’s totally by accident. Sorry……

Imagine such a huge failure to a resolution on the very first day itself.

Truly an April fool.

The First is a Misstep…… Made an April Fool of Myself……

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