Crazy Stupid Things……

Without the usual crazy stupid things, it’s difficult to write freely when I try to put down my thoughts here.

But that should not be an issue as the reconciliation pact that I entered on April 1, does not commit a quantum change in me. It’s only promising my efforts not to be on people’s faces.

I will continue with my craziness as a dreamer, adoption of goddess Aphrodite as mine and devoutly carrying out the rituals with her stone that I was directed to pick up from her rock in Paphos Cyprus.

One of my friends had objection to my reference of Aphrodite as goddess of beauty, love and sexuality. The word goddess was objected to. I give her the right to do that and I don’t have to explain how we play in dreamworld.

Similarly, a dreamer sets no limits to the dreams. A dreamer can fall in love and believe that the love is true. And when it’s true, then true love is forever. But the dreamer has no right to enforce it. If you say ‘I love you’ and the response is ‘but I don’t’, then both are right and nobody’s wrong.

That’s reconciliation, you keep yours and let others be to themselves.

Perhaps this explains why I can still be crazy in my blog posts, but the change should be that I do take care to see that no one is piqued.

The only thing I have to master is to get the better of my ego and find a way out of the stubbornness.

And when you become yourself, something may irritate someone and you end up facing the anger.  This can find expression in telling others that I have gone crazy. Well here I have already admitted that.

Some people stop reading me and resort on the ultimate weapon of blocking me. I am sad but I have a commitment to respect their actions.

Some others enjoy my craziness, but choose not to tell me.

And there are a few who tell me. They are the best.

But remember the reconciliation pact…… all of you are dear to me. There’s is no change in me. I have the same feeling and I keep the same craziness of a dreamer, friend, relative, lover……

Happy as a crazy stupid.

Crazy Stupid Things……

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