Pressure Building Up……

It’s starting with pressure at work. Actually my project is cutting over this weekend and I should be starting to feel relaxed in spite of the D-day build up after which, I would get time to breathe.

But there are other things building up. For a start, we should be into the winding up process, which for Sunu is the start of additional mega planning. This is with respect to what to be bought for the house back home etc. etc.

My blanket agreement to go with whatever she wants is not found sufficient and she wants me to be part of the selection process. Inspite of the fact that I don’t count in selection or decisions.

Then my daughter is buying a place in London. The requirements are agreed, but there are several things to consider for the most efficient method to transfer money. That means discussions with lawyers and consultants.

Added to that the house selection process. My attempt to leave it to daughter and mother is not received with kindness.

Again there’s an additional dilemma. What am I supposed to do next. Initial plans of looking for something in kuwait is practically abandoned due to certain reasons. But there are some approaches from elsewhere. The question is whether I should embrace more stress.

I would like to claim that I don’t like to run away from challenges. But like everybody, I need a shoulder to lean on. This is more so when I had this, which I lost suddenly due to a stupidity from my side. Regaining the support has proven to be futile…… at least for now.

The unavailability of this access perhaps is letting the stress to get the better of me. The worst side effect is lack of some good sleep.

Overall it’s a situation now. Earlier I used to sleep off with the stone placed on heart and thanking for the day. But it’s not working now. The positive side effect is that communication with the stone is longer in duration and remember it’s a powerful stone, taken from Aphrodite’s rock. 

Try and stay calm and have faith……

Pressure Building Up……

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