Companions Needed……

One of my ex bosses posted on Facebook seeking travel companions in his post corporate life (clearly avoiding the word retirement, as I hate it). The message specified local and international holiday travel, get togthers and other activities. Cost ranges estimates also were given including time durations.

Though we have a very good equation, we wouldn’t be perfect fit in the category.

And then why not? We can think about a similar plan. Perhaps we can do it better.

For example, there are talents within, who can be a tour organizer. I have Sunu in mind here and she can make anything like this, most enjoyable and at the same time, ensure value for money.

Then there are other possibilities like getting together for things like ultra high density Mango planting. This can bond the group for farming, harvesting, picnicking etc etc.

Though I am a good swimmer, university level water polo player, excelling in endurance swimming etc, I have missed out on acquiring a diving certification. And I am happy to invite friends to join me in acquiring the skill and then to venture into exploring the underwater world.

There have been conversations like ‘we should have at least one international holiday together’ but we never got to fulfill the dreams……

And think about a fabulous cruise and having a gang of us together, surrounded mostly, only by the vast ocean with the best of the best entertainment and food and drinks ever.

This is sincere, and not just talk. We have to pull this through……

It should not be ‘all are invited, but few are chosen’ but ‘all are invited, for they are chosen’.

Let’s not block anybody……

Companions Needed……

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