Yet Another Project is on……

My project cutover process is on. In banking card system migration is probably the most and way too complex process. Two years of detailed and meticulous planning has been involved in this project.

The first of such major projects was when we migrated the credit card system in Bangalore of standard chartered bank to the bank’s global system based in Hong Kong.

That was the killer break I got in my career. We started the india cards, building it practically with bare hands by a small team. The business grew beyond the small system capacity and emergency declared for upgrade. A high power team from global headquarters London, landed to assess and submitted report. Tight upper lips didn’t say anything but were nasty in the mailed report.

I as operations head was dejected. And I read the report again. The network head said ‘even the telephone line link to Hong Kong will take between 7 to 13 months.

I read it again… 7 to 13? I have heard of 1 to 2, 5 to 10 and even 6 to 12. But never 7 to 13. Isn’t that funny… I called the boss in Singapore and asked. He laughed out loud and asked ‘ Kurian, can you do the project?’. Rest is history which can be summarized with my boss’s boss’s comment after a miraculous within time and below budgeted cost. He said ‘I have never seen such a perfect project execution even in Citibank.’

Killer break… posting to Philippines to set up card business for the 137 year old presence of standard chartered, which was completed in 5 and a half months to create what it would be a world record. Move to coveted international cadre and postings in Hong Kong and London.

Then landed in National bank of Kuwait to do another card migration project. 

This fourth one with Gulf bank of Kuwait is finishing. The bank has advertised the weekend event warning customers of possible disruption. My recommendation of adding the huge benefits afterwards was not agreed. But I am quite optimistic of a smooth transition.

Fingers crossed still… all is well too……

But I am reluctant to say that this will be my last card system migration project……

Yet Another Project is on……

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