Birthday Today……

Yet another Birthday has arrived. It’s coinciding with my project cut over weekend.

But that should not come in the way. Having said that, there are only a few favorite things to do on birthdays.

Sunu always comes with the appropriate gift and things. This time it’s a nice casual jacket. But that does not end there. She saw similar jacket on YouTube on a yuppy singer and made me wear matching shirt and pants as in the video. The shoe however was not seen on the video, but I am sure the Ralph Lauren designer one gifted by my first daughter is better.

The dressing up was for the Birthday dinner. We went to one of the places in Gulf Road as my choice of Babel could not accommodate us, for being absolutely fully booked for the weekend.

I really wanted to go there as my dinner companions were sunu and the best and special friends. Disappointed, as this could be the last of such company as we are moving out with my project getting completed.

But then food and great ambience is not the only thing. Perhaps it’s the company that matters most. Yes it is……

Clearly it’s a privilege to be around the corner of your loved ones……

For my birthday, cake is not the main item. It’s the traditional kerala bread pudding and Sunu made it to precision and I inaugurated it at the stroke of midnight with my daughters joining on FaceTime.

I must say that last year’s birthday was also special with specially ordered cake in addition to Sunu’s cake……

Another positive of birthdays is to surf through the many Birthday wishes on Facebook. The only drawback is when you find, one which you really want is missing 😪

Sometimes it pays to get older, in spite of the missing greetings.

Looking forward to be lucky again, several times……

Birthday Today……

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