Facebook in B’day Greetings……

I would say that Facebook is a fantastic tool in reminding people of birthdays of their friends and in sending the greetings messages with proper counts on the number of such messages.

That’s a great birthday present to the Birthday person. I am one of those who will be thrilled to see many of my friends taking the trouble to write something on my birthday.

However the emergence of other types of personal communications like whatsapp has in fact reduced the impact of a consolidated greetings arranged on the Facebook timeline.

Then there are groups and people who wish birthdays within the group.

Most surprising is perhaps those greetings using messenger. Perhaps you have to go through your Facebook page, get the Birthday alert and then choose messenger to send a private message!!!!

For me there are a couple of close friends who are too nice and angelic that connecting through the social media is too tender for them. When you are not connected on Facebook, you may not remember the birthday.

When greetings are important, I have no hesitation in contacting and saying ‘hey today’s my birthday, and it’s incomplete without your greetings’. And there it is.

Then, imagine a very important one coming through another channel. Yes, it’s there and I am happy…… 

Yesterday was another milestone……

Overall count is good…I must say.

Thank You for the birthday greetings. Love you……

Facebook in B’day Greetings……

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