Aphrodite……Stone Dilemma.

One of my early craziness has been the feeling that I could some day focus, concentrate and transform mind power to move a pencil kept on the table.

I did indeed try this several times and it didn’t indeed move a single time.

But I enjoy the craziness as it gives something to be crazy about.

Yesterday my Greek boss had ‘Fidget Spinner Fingertip Gyro Stress Reliever’ spinning in his hand while we were discussing serious project related subject.

I just thought about my stone which is my stress reliever. But the new gadget looks attractive and tempting. Then I found that it’s used for autism treatment also.

Aphrodite’s stone has a key role in my blogs here. Among other things the stone probably is instrumental in dividing my target groups into three.

  1. Where the mythology, dreams, craziness all take place. This group plays a central role, have daily interactions and privy to some private details.
  2. This has people who I don’t wish to be my readers as they pick holes in anything fancy or consistent but different from their likes.
  3. Majority fall into this third group. I can only imagine that they read my posts, but I know that they read and tolerate. They then are vital.

Naturally I would place a lot of trust and dependency on the first group. But in mythology even gods and goddesses play games. But I am human and such acts of setting up group 2 into the fray, knowing my preference not to, is betrayal though normal in mythology.

Result is constant heckling from (2) . Ideally i should welcome criticism, but again i am human.

Now I have to decide between the gyro spinner and the stone. The winner is stone. The stone meets the dual strength of the spinner of stress reliever and autistic aid.

For group one and two, it’s autism and for the third group it’s a great stress reliever and fascinating at that.

Aphrodite……Stone Dilemma.

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