Love Nature……

Loving nature may come naturally, but it’s probably the best of qualities that you can have.

Before proclaiming to be a nature lover, let me briefly tell you what went through my mind in the morning.

I get up early to hit the road early to reach office early. In fact when I was leaving the office, relatively earlier after about 11 hours in the office, I told my team who were still in the office ‘I am leaving, I have to come early to open the shop’. And you know, I said that in Hindi where Dukan ‘(shop)’ is more aptly expressed.

I have two choices, I can take road 30 or Gulf road. 30 is good enough at the time, shortest and faster. But gulf road is scenic.

And I enjoyed the drive with the sea on the right, date palms in the middle and sea facing residences on the left. This includes ABHA which was home for us during the 9 years we were in Kuwait before.

I don’t really like Dubai, the totally artificial city. They’ve the biggest, tallest etc of almost everything artificial, but only the sand dunes for nature lovers. 

I must say that I was disappointed with sun city in South Africa, the artificial creation in one of the best natural places.

Yet I would go and work in Dubai and you never know!!!!

After all it’s closer to nature, back home.

Love is constant……

Even for a nature lover .

Love Nature……

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