Good Friday and Vishu……

It’s one of those coincidences, we have Good Friday and Vishu today. 

Vishu is one of the more solemn festivals of Kerala which is also the Malayalam New Year and essentially a harvest festival.

Vishu Kani, the first thing you see on the day is very important. Malayalees all over the world manage to get the traditional items readied for this kani. 

Vishukaineettam is the right of the elder of the family to give cash gifts to the family members and for the family members, it’s their right to receive it.

This day last year I posted on vishukaineettam and cherish the fond memories.

Assam has Bihu on the same day. And the day is celebrated in the same way as Vishu.

Then Assam and Kerala has connection in mythology. In fact when Asura king Mahabali of Kerala was banished to Pathala the unknown place, he in fact went to Assam the unknown place then, ruled by relative Banasura.

That explains Vishu-Bihu, rice and fish eaters, ottamund of Kerala women and Mekhala of Assam. Even the puttu is there in Assam also.

And as for Good Friday, the good thing is that ‘after every Good Friday, there comes Easter……

Good Friday and Vishu……

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