There’s a place in Kuwait specialising in soft furnishings. Locals frequent this mall as they change the carpets, curtains and other items in their huge houses more frequently than we normally think about it.

This is a favorite place for Sunu and one of the few places where she insists on me accompanying. Among other reasons, its the language where the only time we can hear familiar dialect is the Bengali tinted Hindi of a helper from Bangladesh.

Of course, I am accompanying not as interpreter but this place is a bit rough with practically no deshis even as customers. Not rough because the people are that way, but they avoid us due to language difficulties and also since locals have big budgets.

We bought and shipped three,  2 meter by 3 meter carpets in 2011 for our home in Cochin. They are still okay but sunu wants a change.

This time I decided to participate. I have been fascinated by talks that the best of Iranian carpets are spread on streets for vehicles to run over as, such seasonings would make the carpets better and mature.

This place behind the cargo terminal has an ocean of carpets. But we thought ‘why not Iranian, the best of the best’ this time.

Help came from many of Bangladesh to identify one storing only Iranian carpets and owned by Iranian. When asked where it was made the answer was not Iran, but the specific carpet making region there.

Spent hours in the shop. There’s a difference and the reason why it’s three times the price of other makes. 

By now I can tell an Iranian carpet by looking at it and touching it.

So there will be three new Iranian carpets making their way home in Uparika Malika.


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