Travails of a Writer……

I can’t be called a writer, but I felt like one when I started writing freely, without fear, on these pages.

Some of you had indeed complimented me on the writing and I was feeling mighty thrilled.

Perhaps I started becoming a bit crazy, but never regretted it as most of the so called writers are known for their craziness.

But then, everyone has some weaknesses and one such item for me is the desire that a few people who are in my life, better not read what crazy things I write.

Of course I didn’t make this a closed group, but all are not invited to read. However, anyone searching on different sites could chance upon the blogs.

To that extend, I am a writer.

But then, you get close to people and trust and expect trust in return. That’s normal human behavior. To that extend, I am not crazy at all.

We all hear about equal and opposite reaction. That’s true, isn’t it? Sometimes our life changes with such opposing reactions reaching a common ground.

Sometimes we interpret such things totally wrong. But then that’s again human. One person’s right is another person’s mistake. 

But when both are responsible, correction is warranted and when suggested correction is not forthcoming, then it’s ok blocking out.

There are certain unwritten rules. You don’t expose your friend turned tormentor to people who would get tormented on an expose. If such was the case, all of us would have very difficult situations. Just introspect.

What I am saying here is that, I find my writing style cramped when a ‘not so secret’ was made ‘not a secret’. The style is cramped since the expose brought loved ones who would criticize craziness for the love alone. 

Style cramped, but writing continues and then words and select sentences are used in arguments. 

So it’s not only a simple ‘expose’ its sharing sensitive materials……

But I want to feel like a writer and should welcome controversies. Perhaps you might have noticed, many crazy writers thrive on self pity.

So if I bring in people like Newton and say ‘everything has an opposite’ . We are now speaking about reaction, feeling, like, dislike, love……

Even words have opposing responsibilities. Like, well ‘dislike’. Attraction- distraction; not exactly. Love- hatred; is it? here probably the opposite is also same. And what about ‘betrayal’? I think this is where Newton fails. There’s no opposite reaction possible.

Pause here, Newton had three:-

  1. We move in constant velocity until someone alters us.
  2. F=ma. Force is equal to mass* acceleration. This is complicated. F is not just force, it’s the vector sum of the forces. (Don’t worry, Newton is a genius but many thought he’s crazy).
  3. When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.

The third one is unaltered from what Newton said. But only one interpretation. When same type of people are involved, they move in opposite direction. Maybe.

But when opposite type are involved, their opposite motions should meet at a point. That’s, for example, when opposite of boy is girl……

Crazy, isn’t it. Then what if I made all these up!! as without some craziness, I am finding it difficult to write……

Travails of a Writer……

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