The Lull……

The run upto to the project cutover had been quite hectic. The bold decision to have a Big Bang migration paid off with a relatively smoother cut over to world standards.

The run up saw daily email messages numbering over 250 a day and careful attention to each was required to see that nothing is left behind in the cracks.

Good thing of a good project is that the post cutover period becomes easier to navigate.

As a project dependent job, this also signals my winding down on the job and the second stint in kuwait. The countdown has started.

Of course there are some disappointments to be left behind. I will still sing the Jamaican Farewell, though I am not sure about the listeners and the one left behind. 

Sunu will miss the place, her friends and her window shopping and wandering.

There’s one difference this time. The departure was known when it started. 

However something new has taken place during the last couple of months. I am willing to consider another desk job. Reasons are probably unknown but may include more money for jam, keeping mind occupied, feeling of younger than you are etc etc.

And of course…… I don’t retire.

Then what about the green plans? Well I may still pull off the ultra high density Mango project with help from some of you. Have a mini scale virgin coconut oil unit. And some dream plans of fruits, spices and even fish grown scientifically in Thidanad land. All mostly outsourced, of course.

So it’s destiny that I am getting calls, not one but two, asking if I am available. The locations should satisfy Sunu and I have a gleeful ‘yes’ to both. Yes to both since both projects are not finally approved at the respective banks. So there’s a chance of a slip between the cup and the lip.

Exciting times and please stay with me. I am not done yet……

The Lull……

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