The Art of Being Yourself……

When I get to write on these pages, it’s the reflection of my state of mind that finds expression.

Then there was a confusion as my narrow mindedness or immaturity wanted some people close to me, not to see what I write. The fear was that they may become upset with some of the craziness.

Then a trusted source passed on full information which I called betrayal. However there has been no remorse and any reduction of love and affection to people involved. So there could be something else here.

Maybe the trusted source who is the backbone for my many things, wants me to grow up and mature, for my own good. Yes that’s it. Thank you……

Now I chance upon a photograph by a multitalented person who I admire immensely. In Just eight frames the camera captures the science of love of two pigeons.

Love is the most powerful word, but loosely used. There are different kinds of love. Maybe more!! There’s love for your family, parents, siblings, children. Then you love things. Then there is the powerful love which rules the world and facilitate continuity of all living things and probably of plants as well.

Here’s where I am different, but certainly not alone. When I talk about this last classification of love, I invoke two ‘L’ s to define. That’s the co-existence of love and lust. The first without the second is not complete and the second one alone without the first is criminal.

This is the science of love and science is always the answer. The proof always comes from mathematical calculations and correct equations. Here it can be proven with simple arithmetic.

Just take a count and we have an overwhelming, absolute and imposing majority.

That’s me, back as myself and thank you the trusted one …… and the multitalented photographer ……… 

The Art of Being Yourself……

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