Countdown begins, for returning again from Kuwait. It will be slightly over two years for this second term.

Today, Friday holiday is assigned for doing some packing. Not that I am any good in this area. The reason perhaps is that Sunu is super skilled in this also. I have just an assignment from her to arrange my personal stuff into three categories.

  1. To be discarded and left behind 
  2. For shipping 
  3. Those to accompany when we travel back 

Frankly, even this simple task is not an easy one for me. The decision to discard is hard. Wonder if people get attached to useless things also. I was under the impression that only personal relationships are hard to abandon.
Talking about that, I have to do some work in that area also.

Well, perhaps I can look at a similar categorization. Or will there be only one category, instead of the three for personal stuff. 

Work to do and some difficult choices and tough decisions……


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