Height of Nothingness……

When you’re regulated, you feel regulated all the time. That’s when you become jealous of the free birds who are not bothered about anything and are at will to write what they like, even fantasised dreams.

So when you choose to accept the order prescribed for you, you don’t have much substance except following some idiocrazies. 

Then you say that you accept the new order and will be abided by dictacts and strictures. But in your heart of hearts you are a crazy SOB.

As escapism, you climb to the top of the mountain and shout ‘I am sorry, I have been wrong; I hold no bitterness for being betrayed, and I will be nice.

Nice…… that’s a good word. But then a nice guy when wanting to be active, will forward videos on whatsapp chat group to realize that the video has been sent to you on the same group, not by one, but many.

That’s ok, nobody bothers to open your forwards anyway.

But what’s the guarantee that your blogs are read by any.  Hehe, I know, words from it are passed on to people I don’t want to hear them and used in conversations during petty fights, which then turn into fights and sadness.

That’s why I want to be nice and take care of those in my life.

Then you don’t have nothing to say……

Or say stupid things like this.

That’s the news that remittances from Middle East to South Asia has declined 6.14%.

And you know… I have been sending my money to my daughter in uk for the past few months.

But I didn’t think that it will dent the remittance to South Asia by this much. 🤔

Height of Nothingness……

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