Taking Stock……

We had the official celebration of the success of the project that I am involved in.

One thing which came up clearly from the speeches of CEO and others is that they are pleasantly surprised at the resilience of the staff in the bank.

Clearly the project has been very complex. We took a decision to have a ‘Big Bang’ implementation rather than a more sober and careful phased one.

Looking back I can’t pin point anyone to own the decision. Did I say Big Bang? Perhaps not exactly, but none of us said no!!

There’s a clear atmosphere of achievement. And after dinner when I mentioned that the first batch of shipment has left, there was a silence. Nobody was thinking about it. Some even muttered about talking about an extension.

That’s something, making me talk about taking stock. When I did the first project in Bangalore, I became a sudden celebrity in the bank, taking me off to Philippines to do a similar thing. 

A more perfect implementation resulted in my getting absorbed in the coveted international cadre. 

I have a lot of stories during this ‘international Indian’ times. But this is probably the first time my friends are ok for me to get back to my roots.

But they’ve instead created a new thing in me. The experience of getting involved in a group and forgetting that success means end of that particular journey. 

I want now to relive that experience. So my friends, you may find me involved in another project and this could be in a different country and new friends.

But I have to keep what I have. I am fortunate to have a super efficient wife who added feather to her studded cap with an amazing turnaround of a sizable shipment in just over a weekend.

I have my daughters surpassing me in achievements . And with grandchildren we have the first family.

But there’s extensio to family. I have friendship which actually is extension to family. 

Then why taking stock now!!!

Because, otherwise some petty things will interfere in carrying on with the extension.

And when you take stock, a decision has to come up. And that’s to carry on and to build a stronger network and not to lose precious gifts.

So it’s ‘peace’ 
And Happiness 

Yes …… Be Selfish to be Happy.

As it’s okay to be selfish to be Happy ……

Taking Stock……

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