Lost Some Close Ones……Gained Some Elsewhere. + or -, Time to Tell

That’s taking stock, at the time of leaving the second innings in Kuwait. I have been successful in keeping contacts intact, but you lose some sometimes.

I can see that clearly now. I can also see that I value maintaining and strengthening contacts, now more than anytime before.

That’s probably the reason why I am to take steps to see that there are no big losses. And when something happens, there’s a reason for it. Partly the blame is on me. The stubbornness and ego comes into play.

Conscious efforts to suppress these weaknesses are not working well. The argument is that there’s a danger of being taken for granted.

This happens when you try to be nice with people, no matter what they do. Level headed and nice people take the positive side of it. But those who are otherwise will take it as weakness.

Maturity has nothing to do with it. That’s if you treat age as maturity. 

Let’s take mental maturity. Women peak at 39 and men at 42. This study has other interesting categorization.

Peak.                           Women.              Men 

Physical fitness.              31.                     33

Physical attractiveness.  31.                    34

Sexual.                                 34.                   34

Creative.                              35.                   37

Wisdom.                              44.                    49

There’s perhaps a correlation between mental peak and wisdom peak. But there’s something beautiful like wisdom beyond age.

From personal experience and linking mental maturity to wisdom, I have a totally variant observation. 

We all commit mistakes which may be considered offensive. One such mistake on a 23 year old was handled by the offended person with utmost magnanimity and grace. And there was no revenge.

The same or better should be the response at the hands of a mentally matured (39) person. If that doesn’t happen and you experience revenge the only consolation would be that wisdom has 5 more years to peak. 

Strangely I don’t have experience for a back calculation though most of my connections have peaked in all respects.

The behavior of the 23 year old is a pleasant feeling. And wisdom is the top among personal traits.

And the study did delve into the ‘pushing back the clock’ aspect. Accordingly Middle age starts at 48 and old age begins at 71.

Most striking is the assertion of the predominant majority (72%) that they will not take a pill guaranteeing life upto 100 if there’s no assurance of physical and medical condition.

So, me, still in middle age bracket, don’t want to lose any connections and will work towards recovering the lost ones for a strong network.

We all need each other……

Lost Some Close Ones……Gained Some Elsewhere. + or -, Time to Tell

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