Stone the Stone……Let the Sinless Cast the First……

As part of my precious craziness, I adopted the stone as the symbol of all dreamy episodes. In reality and actually, this is not just an ordinary stone. It’s from Aphrodite……It’s Aphrodite’s.

Combining the inner strengths of me the dreamer, with mythology and all the living passions, I adopted Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, love and sexuality. Perhaps I myself did ask the question ‘why not Venus’?

The simple answer is …… Aphrodite did appear to me in person and enslaved me.

Then I got the instructions to go to Cyprus and pick a stone from her rock rock and follow a scripted ritual.

I obeyed and remained a disciple. And I like it. And I started writing about it.

That’s when the disclosure happened. The stone has been used as proof of my drawbacks. That’s I have gone nuts.

The disclosure resulted in new attention to the stone, particularly the part when it comes to bed with me. I have been successful in gaining from its support at the work front, however. 

And for the sake of peace I stopped taking the stone to bed and to fall asleep with it placed on my heart, as it’s written……

But that’s like killing my dreams, my travel to the mythical phase, me being Walter Mitty. But it’s difficult to kill something beautiful and perpetual. Like the true love.

So instead of succumbing to the pressures and strictures of the ancient world (our current world), let me invoke a famous solution from history.

Let the one among you who’s sinless cast the first stone……

Stone the Stone……Let the Sinless Cast the First……

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