Different Culture……

NASA worked on it and KFC was accused of it. I am talking about cultured meat, that is, for an example chicken meat but not born of egg. 

NASA thought that meat produced from stem cells would help feed astronauts in long haul space travel. And people thought the near perfect fried chicken is due to it being artificially generated.

Now look at the prospect of this ‘different culture’! People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will be rendered jobless. But the best use will be in India where the majority are meat eaters but cherish the thought of interfering in other people’s food bowl.

It’s like the currency note ban where innocent majority, or to put it right, everyone, was made to spend days in grueling queues to get some of own money. But the foolish step was overwhelmingly supported as each one thought his neighbor suffered more.

And we don’t bother to find out if more currency came back into bank accounts than was issued.

Biggest boost will be for beef. Factories in Rajasthan can make tasty beef out of virgin grass. Or do we need to call it blubber as beef is a bad word.

What we do then in Kerala. Perhaps we can convert tuna into beef and sell tuna fry as beef fry with coconut pieces and used as ‘touching’ (a hot something which a malayalee gets on his finger and tastefully smears on the tounge after gulping alcohol of any variety).

There are big benefits to come by. You can free thousands of acres for growing vegetables and chase the livestock who grace those land into forests. Don’t worry, we can produce milk in the factory.

This helps reforestation as forests are required to get rid of unwanted livestock. And remember, you have to take care of endangered animals like tiger and they will be very happy.

Now this is for the western world.. how about a burger as a health booster. Produce tasty burger out of heart friendly ingradiants and sell through McDonalds. American Heart Association, please take note.

All is well till your clone finds you one day and ask ‘where is the beef’?

Worse.. he walks away with your girlfriend……

Different Culture……

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