Yes……I Do……

And should I resume taking the stone to bed. Yes, I do. That’s okay now. It’s okay to be a bit crazy, especially if it brings some happiness. 

And you can be selfish to be happy……

It will come up in arguments and quarrels. Directly as being crazy and as quoted degradation in profile. ‘What happened to such a matured, respected person?’

No need to explain, no need to retort; just adopt the magic stance.. STONE Silence……

Anyway, everyone is busy and nobody will take notice soon.

Or someone will start following the craziness, just for the sake of it.

You never know..

Nobody is prisoner of own self. There’s no question of being liberated, for you were never imprisoned by your thoughts. 

No meaning in saying ‘free your mind’. It’s always free.

Then what about the cult? What about blind following of strange things?

Think about them, there’s always a reason. There’s is a purpose behind everything. Sometimes they are selfish. And often it’s for others.

The underlying factor for a pattern is the desire to have a world order. Some accept happily and some suffer to accept.

But there’s always a way out.

It’s possible to get that Liberation in blog pages. And at the same time, live according to a world order.

It’s not about having double face. Sometimes it’s about dreaming freely.

And everyone has a choice, at least in the mind.

So it’s peace…… 

‘live and let live!!’

Yes……I Do……

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