Egg Kejriwal……

Perhaps it’s the name, or the news that it’s in international menu, that evinced an interest and I decided to make it.

Though the name has the famous politician in it, there’s no connection with him at all. But in all likelihood, that association can make the dish even more popular.

Originally invented by the cook in Willington Club in Mumbai, a club member Kejriwal liked it and started ordering it on a regular basis. He used to suggest adding ingradiants to his liking which got the fancy of other club members and they started ordering ‘what Kejriwal has’.

That’s how it’s ‘Egg Kejriwal’.

I selected one of the menus from google search where the egg is done inside onion rings. Having done that, i would recommend this to anyone venturing into making it as the onion flavor certainly makes a good difference.

As usual I shared the product with the first family and they also liked it very much. Though I am not very happy as, when I delivered the parcel, both of them had gone gymming and had the breakfast item later. The ones right from the stove and brimming hot have the best experience.

I, again as usual, boasted on the product in my whatsapp broadcast group ‘Cooking Exotica’ and a friend from USA said that New York Times has covered the breakfast dish. 

Apparently ‘Egg Kejriwal’ is now ranked among the top 10 food and available in menus internationally.

The experience gives me confidence to venture into more such adventures and soon my friends can expect dining invitations with ‘sous -chef de’ Kurian preparing the dishes.

Mark the word sous-chef de, it’s the second in command and I certainly don’t expect the pole position with a cooking maestro like Sunu.

Then the best way to people’s heart is through the stomach. 

And it’s good in restoring……

Egg Kejriwal……

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