Freedom of Speech……

I watched Hasan Minhaj at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. And I felt good.

Hasan is second generation Indian American and Muslim, 30 years old but looking at best in the last of the teens. And what a talent.

Apparently he was warned against jibes at the American President (president can’t take jokes). But he caught the mighty, predominantly white audience spellbound and made them give him a standing ovation.

His 17 minutes had everything, a must watch speech.

The president and the administration didn’t attend such an important event and they were taken systematically into pieces, by the boy.

He said ‘this is the 9th year in succession that a Muslim is standing there to give a speech. Past 8 years by Obama.

He invoked everything and beautified the freedom of speech which is guaranteed in Article-1, But more important, practised.

Just listen and imagine what would happen in our countries where also the freedom of speech is guaranteed.

A cartoon of a Chief Minister can get the artist jailed, etc etc etc etc etc etc 

See, I am not sure about my freedom to even give examples.

If you haven’t watched, ask me for the video and enjoy the spectacle where satire, passion, of what it means to be a minority and best expression of freedom of speech are manifested to the best……

Don’t miss the media giants like CNN squirming.

Indeed a must watch. The best……

Freedom of Speech……

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