Do It Yourself (DIY) ……

A Country background, hailing from a large family and abundant help probably didn’t get me introduced to the idea of DIY sufficiently early.

Actually it’s B&Q the UK based DIY store where my daughter did summer work during her management studies in London that gave me a real glimpse of what it could be.

But years of dependency on others and the assisted living that standard chartered bank offered me as an international manager, made me to continue to be dependent.

But I have been attracted to the efficiency of those who are probably forced to be self reliant.

Right now I am on a different kind of DIY. The outcome is from a desire to be healthy. Home made virgin coconut oil and experiments with healthy cooking are examples, though weak ones.

That’s when I chanced upon the name of Fred Moore. Fred is a DIY innovator.

He was maintaining a written database of activists in the left leaning movements in America for networking. Soon the pages started building up and he felt a need of a computer, but could not afford one.

He thought of starting a hobbyists club to build a computer. Thus was born ‘Homebrew Computer Club’. 

Now, do note that the early members included Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. The motto that activist Fred reminded members was ‘give more than you take’.

Now let’s look at what the Steves did. I don’t have to say anything more than Apple.

The reason I find this important is because, just the other day, in a dinner gathering, there was talk of Steve Jobs should have been given Nobel Prize.

The reason mentioned was not exactly Apple Computers, but the fact that IPhones actually transformed the literally illiterate and the old to tech savvy.

I am typing this on IPhone. I know that Samsung phones probably are superior with a back button and amazing camera shots. But I may not change from IPhone, like the many who are used to IPHONE.

Back to DIY, I am looking forward to apply DIY into more day to day items.

Perhaps we can have a DIY Club……

Any takers? Any suggestions for a name?

Let’s do it……

Do It Yourself (DIY) ……

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