‘I Dare Me’ …… IDM

My last post on DIY had a question and a request. The question was on starting a, what it can be called a DIY Club. And the request was for a name for the club.

IDM is the suggested name and now it’s for us interested parties to form the club. Whatsapp group is an ideal media for the communication within the group. And the requirement is to come out with a viable motto for the group.

As a start I would suggest that we consider our individual challenges to be included as personal goals, which can be shared for others to consider and adopt if liked.

I would say that my work on virgin coconut oil is one of the examples. I am now a regular producer of the product for personal use.

The challenge for example is to take it forward to a small scale manufacture of virgin coconut oil using the cold press method. And to do it in a participative manner in a group. 

This is one example.

In this respect, I would like to narrate one of my wife’s requirements. She wanted to go on a Jet Ski and I was giving excuses like ‘let’s do it when we go back from Kuwait’ etc.

But then in one of our beach side gathering one of her friends mentioned that she went on the ski just the other week. And they took off giving Sunu her first Jet Ski ride.

Now I should not be chickening out and should dare myself henceforth.

I am not saying that I would have Bungee Jumping included, but there could be others. Maybe a challenging work or a project, NGO- anything.

It can be more interesting like group adventure picnics etc etc.

Why not include modern agricultural methods, ultra high density Mango planting and hydroponic with pisciculture.

And if someone really wants to include bungee jumping, there are always vacacy for support and cheering group.

Think also about simple things like backpacking, trekking and long car drives.

Thank you for the name ‘I Dare Me’

‘I Dare Me’ …… IDM

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