How About Mangoes? ……

IDM – I Dare Me, is to take off. And that then is the first of the IDMs.

I am always fascinated by the idea of mangoes. Perhaps the reason why it has a box side view of my future plans.

A friend forwarded a video of ULTRA HIGH DENSITY MANGO PLAN(UHDP) some time back, and it’s in the plan. It’s challenging but feasible and thus a candidate for IDM.

IDM is a club and thus I want to involve club buddies in the plan. Those who know me well enough, have already got a glimpse of what I am talking about. And since it’s almost the same audience, i don’t want to repeat all again.

Briefly it’s about adopting the modern technology where some 500 plus trees per acre are planted where traditionally only 50 were planted.

The plan through a club will include fun gathering, picnics, holidays etc etc. And you need not be in Bangalore where we will have over 1000 plus Mango trees. You can be absentee farmers, residing anywhere in the world.

However, ideally you should have a desire to visit Bangalore once in a while and have some fun time in the orchard. Best time for this is when ripe mangoes are collected. Have that unique experience of plucking mangoes from your own trees.

The boundary of the orchard is planned to be layered with high yielding coconut trees with intention to produce cold press virgin coconut oil.

Great opportunity to join the club and treat it as your own ‘I Dare Me’ theme.

Excitement and adventure are guaranteed, along with opportunity for some fabulous international network of select people.

Rush in to join……

How About Mangoes? ……

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