Living the Dreams……

We all want to live our dreams as we are at our best in dreams.

There’s one person who lives his dreams truly and effectively. Elon Musk is no stranger with his SpaceX, Tesla cars etc.

But Elon Musk can induce and make others dream also.

For a personal example, I now dream of owning a Tesla car and say proudly that I don’t pollute with my motor vehicle.

This dream may happen with the government of India dreaming to have only electric vehicles on the Indian roads by 2030.

But the most fascinating Elon Musk initiative for me is not space travel, but blanket covering the world with powerful internet connections.

Some 4452 satellites in orbit are to blanket the earth with high speed internet opening up possibilities for everyone.

Actually he is not the only one thinking about it. In fact Google thought about balloons beaming signals and some others thought about drones.

But I have more faith in Elon’s dreams.

GodSpeed Elon……

Living the Dreams……

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