3D Printing……

A casual dinner time chat, on Amazon entering kuwait through investment in local Souq.com, moved onto growing popularity of online buying and the logistics in goods movement.

That’s when a friend brought in 3D printing for easy and efficient management of inventory.

3D printing concept is unbelievable if you look at it as just a printed sheet out of a printer.

Apparently it’s already there. Experts call it ‘Additive Manufacturing’. Here layers of material  under computer control are used to create the desired object. Like a file used for printing details, there is an electronic data source known as Additive Manufacturing File.

Well that means the e-commerce companies need not keep physical stock of goods their customers may buy. Better they can take the requirements from the cusomer, assemble the product accordingly and deliver.

The way science, automation, artificial intelligence etc are growing and considering the fear of humans getting cloned and androids produced, we should be just worried of the future.

We can look at all these as interesting though and how about using my usual pass time of dreaming……

Think about filling in the requirement of your dream girl (ladies read it as dream boy), manufacture her, apply the non erasable Cupid lotion and get her delivered for personal use!!!

That’s something to look for…… till the villain gets into the act and design a counter potion and poison the produce, which makes your dream girl block you and the villain takes her away!!!

Customer Satisfaction is not guaranteed……

3D Printing……

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