Blank Day……

Nobody has noticed but I did, as I am the one responsible and affected.

My flow of daily posts got interrupted yesterday. Perhaps the requirement to go to the immigration office to tell them that my employer is paying me as promised and there’s no disagreement with them and my request for exit is mutually agreed etc.

The problem is not just that. Now I am sitting down to write and there’s nothing in particular to talk about.

When I don’t have anything, I can go to the stone and Aphrodite story. It’s a hot subject anyway.

It’s cast in stone, Aphrodite’s stone and as such has Aphrodite to take care of it. There’s no need to worry, but some sleepless hours early in the morning was used to get intimate with the Aphrodite Stone……

But there are some interesting things also. My credit card spend has earned me points worth about Rs 25,000 for buying air tickets. Bank is paying exit tickets and I am under pressure to use the points. I may book two Kochi Bangalore return flights for sunu and me.

Bigger surprise is my phone usage is giving points worth Rs 2000

Well there’s always something to talk about and there’s Aphrodite and Stone perpetually……

Blank Day……

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