Jasmine Fragrance & The Stone……

It’s in the Malayalam saying “mullapoompodi ettukidakkum kallinumundamoru saurabyam”. Meaning; even a stone near or with Jasmine flower, will have a fragrance.

That’s true…… my Aphrodite’s stone is privileged such, and then it’s no wonder that it can get the attention of angelic and petite like a Jasmine flower.

So it pays not to diminish any of the practices as with the stone, it’s at a different level of interaction.

It’s no wonder then, the universe prompted an angelic focus and that’s where it would be from here.

The transformation may not be earth shattering. On the contrary factors such as petite, angelic and fragrant means it will be more humble and quiet.

Can I conclude or summarize that it will be just nice…..

So it will be a nice, decent, helpful and loving move forward.

Just that you can’t say anything as ending…… any ending is a new beginning…..

So tell me, how can it end? 

Instead, talk about a beginning……  …..

Jasmine Fragrance & The Stone……

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