Will Miss It Also…… What the..!!!

I can understand missing 1, 2, 3, …… things; but missing a stressful, full time office work!! 

Yes I do……

Now look at this, and this came up when I saw someone saying it in social media.

Look at STRESSED….. Read it like Arabic or Hebrew….. it’s DESSERTS……

So there’s always good things, the way one looks at it. Just that one has to make an effort and look.

I am going to do just that. I am going to keep my eyes open and look. Take that little bit of effort and that may land me in yet another full time job, in another city, in another country.

Then what about the ultra high density Mango planting? What about the orchard of exotic fruits like ramboottan, mangostin and almost extinct ones like vettipazham, cheruthen and kothumullu?

It can still happen. Many things can be outsourced.

What about the freedom to travel? Well it can be planned and timed.

New place and new people means more acquaintances, friends and relationships.

But most important is to treasure what you have.  There will be no change. Or like that fantastic marketing statement “we take care of our existing customers, while chasing new business”. 

This is ordinary by itself; but this has a graphical picture support of a rooster chasing a chic while the one he took care just then was getting up shaking the feathers.

One day I will learn to draw this. While practicing it in real life……

Friends are most important. Precious and priceless.

And a loving heart to absorb……

Will Miss It Also…… What the..!!!

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