Farewell……Then & Now……

Last time the farewell party was organized by Sunu in the largest party hall of any Indian restaurant in Kuwait. That’s like farewell to us, as in happy birthday to me..

Every one was present. Music was loud and it was a reflection of the king sized life. One thing left clearly in the mind was a request for a photo with me.

This time it’s a miniature of that grand crowd, but no less in passion and affection. In fact a reflection of the downsized presence. Being a small crowd, you can always trust on the boutique atmosphere.

Photos were there, but no interest for any separate photo than the group one. 

But I know the group left behind is much more closer to become part of family.

There lies the need to be closer. Friends are precious and nothing should come in the way to lose any. 

In a relationship frame, the family comes first and foremost. Then some people are lucky to get a friend or two who then can become friends to the family. 

Like the smaller group, the select friends become part of family. This is promising and a desired situation. And when managed carefully, this can bring in more happiness.

And imagine you find someone who you trust. When you find that person, it’s natural that you don’t have any secrets. And in the process you can figure out that the trusted person is giving you guidance to enhance the core family relationship.

When you receive that guidance and selfless support, you would naturally want to see that the friendship is strengthened. No, that’s simple, actually when you find a person you trust, one thing you want is to make that person the trustee for the family, to take care of, after your life.

This is a unique situation. For this, you should be lucky to find someone you trust. The measure of that complete trust is if you find it easy to tell all your secrets.

If you are lucky to find that trust, don’t ever lose that friendship and connection. For this, you may even officially appoint the person as managing trustee of the estate. 

The challenge is to keep the connection till you get to the point of forming a trust. As it’s nearly impossible to find someone you can trust completely, outside the family, which means, if you’ve found the person, to keep the connection.

This trustee has to come from the friends group. And that person will be a precious contact for you. That’s when terms like ‘part of the family’, comes up. And till you are ready to form the trust, perhaps you can adopt the person, mentally, into the family .

Some thoughts, relevant when properties are in india and inheritors are outside, come to mind. Added to them is the talk about inheritance tax getting revived.

If one can’t find a trusted person, and want to plan inheritance, then the other option is to find the trustee in a bank or other institution.

Trusted person is better and it’s okay to do anything to keep the contact and connections……

I know I have drifted slightly. But only slightly as it’s relevant……

Farewell……Then & Now……

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