Some of My Favorite Things……

Childhood days it was the country games before school the motivation to run to the school. Excitement in mixing in mixed classes made college attendance prompt.

Work life was again the thrill of being first in office and the interaction with staff and customers were pluses.

Then onwards, in countries like India, Philippines, Hong Kong, London and in Kuwait, it was the excitement of getting up early for office for getting back in the evening home to family, in the knowledge that I am doing okay to see that the family is taken care of.

Career progression has been above average, but not spectacular or where I wanted it to be. But I am okay as somewhere early in the work life, I got the revelation that “it’s not what you achieve in career that only matters, it’s how you’re loved and remembered “.

In that respect, I proclaim myself as a success.

Social media connectivity has been a great help in this march. 

That’s why I am keen on the number of likes in Facebook, number of messages in whatsapp etc.

I think I have been decently acceptable in social media. Some of you have seen my broadcast group ‘Cooking Exotica & Fitness”. Ideally it should be a regular group than a broadcast group. But the privacy of my friends is valuable and I don’t want it to be compromised with open group.

I said I have been decent, but I must confess that I have erred on two occasions. I am sorry and apologize.

With above given background, you can see how precious a friend, contact and connection for me. And if you take a second to acknowledge a message or post with a like at least; i will be super thrilled.

I want to live in the roundabout to you all. But it’s not always possible. But social media help us connect across continents. 

And then it’s important to be connected. Those who are inactive on the sites and those who have blocked me on the sites, please stay connected. And that would not be a small thing, it’s a very big gesture……

Towards friendship…… the BIG of small things……

Some of My Favorite Things……

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