I Am All Fired Up……But to Do What……

Last two weeks in office, riding the tiger due to success in the project, largely attributed to me. Uniquely happy situation, but what did I do?

Compared to, for example, the start up and later transformation projects in standard chartered india and start up cum hubbing project in standard chartered Philippines, this kuwait job has been a walk in the park.

The above mentioned two most successful stanchart jobs, I must say, I have been fully involved and on the deck dirtying my nails. It’s okay for me to say, ‘I built them with my bare hands’.

Here, now, I had a rather relaxed stint. Then what did I do different?

Simple, I brought in a regimen, displine, knowledge and experienced and knowledgeable outsourced support. All the above at a fabulous personal pay package.

That’s good enough reason to be charged up. You may ask, what about any regrets in leaving Kuwait!!

There’s no regret. I have some good friends and very intimate personal relationships. Any setback in any of them is my making. But that’s all results of affirmation and by making a point. The beauty is that I know there’s nothing which has become less intense and there’s nothing that will be more intense even if I stay back.

Just carry on with what you got…… and that include Aphrodite and the stone prescribed by Aphrodite herself.

There were two close friends lost as they thought it’s better to be silent on my social media postings and personal messages, branding them as too many and calling my dreams silly. And there’s one block also applied on social media for my access.

When you are fired up, the reaction is to wish them the best, and say it so. In fact I did just that in the morning for one of them. I value friendship. Friends are also forever.

And the block, perhaps there’s other reason. I hope it will go away and my distant messages including broadcast on ‘Cooking Exotica & Fitness” will reach.

Talking about the broadcast group, I have some plans to make it interesting……

I will give an earnest try to ultra high density Mango planting and a scientific plantation of exotic fruits and plants etc. 

Watch this space.

And when you are fired up, you tend to look for regular office work opportunities.

So it’s a bit hazy- ‘To Do What’; but ‘Fired Up’ – Certainly……

I Am All Fired Up……But to Do What……

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