A chance reading on backyard aquaponics getting popular in Kerala is giving me some ideas when I get back home.

First the roadside balcony of Uparika Malika for a water tank to grow some 40 fish (probably the fast growing Thilapia) and to grow salad leaves for self consumption on top.

Then use the penthouse terrace of the bangalore house for a fairly large fish tank for prawns and regular vegetables on top.

Have a still larger water body in the Thidanad land for a commercial aquaculture and recycle the water to grow commercial quantity vegetables.

Then think about a still bigger facility in the farm land in Deemandala near bangalore.

The benefits are clear, poison free farm produce and ammonium or other harmful preservatives free fish.

And the excitement and the happiness of sharing the experience and products with family and friends- priceless.

Any commercial returns- may be sufficient to cover part of the cost.


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